North African-style goat with saffron rice

By David Hume
Serves 8

juniper berries

cumin seed

ground ginger

400g jar ghee (clarified butter)

3kg goat meat on the bone - cut into convenient sizes

1 onion - sliced

1 litre stock

750g long-grain white rice

small packet saffron strands

100g pine nuts - lightly roasted

50g dried cranberries or sultanas


1 Crush the juniper berries and mix with the other spices into the ghee. Rub well into the goat pieces and leave to season.

2 Brown the goat on a hotplate or in a heavy-based pan, then place into a cast iron cooking pot. Slices of onion on the bottom of the pot will stop the meat from sticking. Pour over the stock.

3 Cook slowly for a minimum of 3 hours, basting from time to time to ensure the meat stays moist.

4 Cook the rice and add the saffron.

5 Drain and stir through the pine nuts and dried cranberries.

6 Serve the goat on a bed of rice, spooning the liquid over the top.