While most home cooks would be used to using domestic meats such as chicken, beef and lamb in their everyday cooking, it is not unusual these days for people to experiment with using game meats, whether for a leaner, protein-rich alternative or as a new, interesting and tasty option in its own right.

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at cooking with duck, kangaroo or goat, but weren’t sure where to start or which flavours or accompaniments to use, the Field to Fork cookbooks are for you.

Field to Fork - The Australian Game Cookbook is the perfect place for the game meat newcomer to start. This 126-page hard-cover book, which has been internationally recognised with the Best First Cookbook - Australia title from the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, includes more than 65 recipes from cultures all over the world, featuring rabbit, duck, quail, pork, goat, kangaroo, venison and seafood. The book also offers advice for cooking these meats and practical tips for tailoring the recipes for different preferences and palates.

Field to Fork Select is a quick introduction to cooking with kangaroo, venison, rabbit and much more. This handy soft-cover book offers 27 of the best Australian game recipes and would make a terrific gift for the budding chef.